The PARMap Web Portal

Download extraction algorithms and workflows, geodatabases, spectral library, land cover and land use maps, and vulnerability assessment methods


PARMap provides an updated and detailed inventory of agricultural resources in the Philippines using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and other geospatial technologies

The PARMap Web Portal

a repository and archive of knowledge products generated by the Phil-LiDAR 2.A.1 Agricultural Resources Extraction from LiDAR Surveys (PARMap) Project

Products such as agricultural land cover maps, vulnerability assessment maps, crop intensity maps, coconut classification, spectral library, UAS-derived images, technical reports and manuals

Land Cover

Download initial land cover jpeg files and shapefiles

PARMap uses LiDAR data to extract agricultural classes and other land cover classes

Vulnerability Assessment

Download jpeg files and shapefiles of national and municipal level exposure maps, sensitivity maps, adaptive capacity maps, and vulnerability maps

PARMap assesses vulnerability by coordinating with governing bodies and experts to identify areas that are vulnerable to climate hazards specifically seawater intrusion, drought, and flood

Data Library

Discover spectral signatures and imageries of different Philippine agricultural crops

PARMap collects spectral signatures and acquires orthophotos from Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Other RS Products

Download jpeg files and shapefiles of coconut classified maps and crop intensity maps

PARMap provides an accurate map of Philippine coconut trees by comparing images and data from Landsat 8, Google Earth, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), and the Philippine Geographic Information System (PhilGIS). It also maps cropping intensity of temporary crops by consolidating data from LiDAR, MODIS, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (DENR-NAMRIA)